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Contract VehiclesSeaPort-E

SeaPort-E Requirements from Solicitation and Contract

In accordance with the requirements of clause H.11 of the SeaPort-e Prime Contract, the following information is provided:

Copies of all task orders received under this contract:

SSB's team members include:

A list of the last 3 years services experience, for all team members:

Information on SSB's quality assurance:

Points of contact for information related to the SeaPort program, including information on customer satisfaction:

Vijay Bathula, President
Pete Santighian


Zone 2


The executive management of SSB has over forty years of proven management experience in high technology endeavors. They are committed to the vision of the best information product at the lowest cost to the customer. They know how to manage products from requirements definition to product development on-time and on-budget.

Client Focus

Department of Defense, Department of State, Peace Corps, National Intelligence Community, Healthcare, Corrections & Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, State & Local Government, and Uniformed Services.