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Position Description

SSB is looking for an analyst/tester with varying experience in all aspects of business analysis support and software functional testing including:

  • Working with functional users to identify, prioritize and document issues;
  • Supporting operational functions and coordinating activities supporting mission essential functions;
  • Identifying methods for assisting and guiding users in the utilization, operation and maintenance of various applications to include generation of on-line help, user manuals, etc.
  • Reviewing and analyzing existing applications to update existing engineering documentation.
  • Deliver service and support to end-users using and operating web applications;
  • Interact with customers to provide and process guidance in response to process reviews, inquiries, concerns, and requests;
  • Gather customers’ information and determine best business responses concerning issues by evaluating and analyzing the symptoms;
  • Follow standard processes and procedures;
  • Identify and escalate priority issues;
  • Provide business analysis and documentation support to maintain situational awareness and visibility into process execution;
  • Accurately process and document customer interactions;
  • Prepare and execute functional tests to assure system suitability;
  • Work with software developers to analyze and correct system faults;
  • Offer alternative solutions where appropriate with the objective of improving business processes;
  • Organize ideas and communicate oral and written documentation;
  • Stay current with system information, changes and updates.

    The environment is primarily an operational environment that is supported by web applications developed with the Microsoft Windows .NET framework using C#, and the analysts will be responsible for ensuring that the environment is available for operational needs and the documentation for various applications is complete and comprehensive. The documentation will include: user guides, pocket guides, quick reference charts, briefing materials and operational support documentation. The analysts will ensure that the documentation enables effective support and utilization of the application. The analysts will assess the operations and recommend methods for improving assistance and guidance to the users in the utilization, operation and maintenance of the various applications. The analysts will generate and update on-line context-sensitive help, comprehensive user manuals, system administration guides, and operations and maintenance manuals for these applications. The analysts will evaluate options and integrate end user online forums, blogs and/or wikis as determined by the need and the audience.

    Areas of Responsibility

    • Review and analyze existing applications in order to develop/update detailed supporting documentation.
    • Provide recommendations for design improvements such as the replacement of developed modules with COTS tools.
    • Prepare, execute, and interpret the results of software tests.
    • Provide quality control through utilization of a bug tracking system.
    • Identify and implement/develop methods for improving help and end user reference documentation.
    • Leading other team members through the entire system lifecycle.

    Required Skills

    • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience
    • Working experience with operational analysis on business processes and web based applications
    • Excellent interpersonal skills for supporting a diverse user community.
    • Communication skills (oral and written), presentation skills, analytical and problem-solving abilities.
    • Ability to troubleshoot problems; identify potential solutions and implement.

    SSB is seeking an enthusiastic and communicative team member with a positive attitude; and a dedication and willingness to work hard. If you are interested in, and you think that you meet our criteria, please email us your resume, CV, or qualifications, and a cover letter of introduction.