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Department of State taps SSB to expand the utility of WebMove to enable users to access important documents associated with personnel moves!

The Department of State has tasked SSB to enhance the utility of the WebMove Application to include access to a targeted document repository with password access. The controlled access will enable the synchronization of post-specific documentation between the Internet and the Department of State intranet. This initial tasking will demonstrate WebMove's ability to satisfy other more comprehensive e-gov initiatives such as e-clearances and e-document integration.

SSB Completes Web-Based Train-the-Trainer Curriculum!

SSB has successfully completed their web-based Train-the-Trainer curriculum, developed to satisfy the needs of the Intelligence Community. Historically trainers in the Intelligence Community come from either military training schools or homegrown training efforts. Almost all the Trainers in the Intelligence Community are SMEs, but not all SMEs are trainers. New personnel need training to fill analyst gaps, especially as SIGINT analysts. The first step is to ensure that experienced personnel have the proper skills to be a trainer. Initial use of the SSB Train-the-Trainer curriculum will be to certify their trainers internally; afterwards it will be made available to other organizations within the Intelligence Community needing similar credentialing. With this new curriculum, coupled with SSB's distance learning tool-set, SSB continues to demonstrate the ability to provide the highest level of quality support to meet today's Intelligence Community training requirements.

SSB begins Java Application Development support!

The Department of Justice has approved SSB to provide Java software engineers to develop applications that will be utilized in the Government War On Terrorism. SSB will work closely with other vendors to design and develop state of the art applications with functions that will be used in data mining operations and will enhance other analytical tools to track and monitor terrorists worldwide.
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