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SSB is awarded a contract for .NET support to the Peace Corps.

SSB, teamed with Next Tier Concepts, has begun work on improvements to the Peace Corps Criminal Incident Reporting System (CIRS). The software development is to be performed in a .NET environment and will interface to the Peace Corps staff spread around the world.

SSB begins support to DARPA STO

SSB, teamed with Solers, Inc, has been competitively selected to support the DARPA Strategic Technology Office as a SETA contractor. SSB's initial tasking will be to develop and conduct training for the Solers Team using unique DARPA STO-provided information and procedures for their processes. Additional tasks are expected to include a wide range of SETA support efforts over the next five years.

SSB launches joint online operations with `Your Talent Coach.'

SSB has begun joint operations with Your Talent Coach, to provide online web-based personality evaluations to satisfy various corporate HR requirements including new employee screening, effective Tips for Team Building and Structuring, and overall corporate employee synergistic information to enhance employee productivity, job satisfaction, etc. The site, `Four Strengths,' is being structured to also offer evaluations for individuals seeking coaching and insight into their strengths and suitability for existing or new careers. The evaluations enable a greater understanding of such factors as one's comfort zone under various conditions; how one is likely to react under stress; whether or not one is better suited to work alone or with a team; and more complex issues, such as one's likelihood of prospering better in a highly unstructured environment as an entrepreneur or in a well-defined, secure environment within a large corporation.

SSB begins support to The Foreign Service Institute

The Department of State Foreign Service Institute (FSI) competitively selected SSB, teamed with Edgesource, Inc., to provide on-site assistance for various E-Learning efforts over the next five years. The support is broad in scope and includes web development tasks, database design and development and DBA activities, instructional design, help desk support and overall E-Learning expertise. This tasking by the FSI is an expansion of the support SSB has been providing to other Bureaus at the Department of State for the past 7 years and is complementary to SSB's commercial distance learning efforts.

SSB releases the latest version of their SCORM-compatible LMS!

SSB has completed the final testing of their latest LMS product. The LMS is SCORM-compatible and offers functionality usually found only in the most expensive Learning Management Systems. It runs on windows and UNIX platforms, is designed to be branded for each client's requirements, enables clients to establish multi-tiered permissions and roles for their users, has an intuitive interface and includes numerous utilities and reporting functions that can be tailored to the client's needs. The LMS can be enhanced with several other functions such as job-shadowing, certification tracking and access to blended training. This latest release exploits the lessons-learned from SSB's pioneering e-learning initiatives since 1997.

SSB on winning BAE NGA SMARTS Team!

BAE has been notified by NGA contracts that their Team including SSB will be awarded an IDIQ contract for support in July 2006. The support will require a broad range of skills including software engineering, system engineering, database design and development, analytical support and much more. SSB is pleased to join BAE in providing staffing to NGA on the SMARTS effort.
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