Core Employees Lms

SSB encourages you to be engaged in life and we complement that by making our workplace casual, pleasant, fun, and challenging.

SSB is a small company of bright people who work and play well together. We understand that the talent and creativity of our employees make us the successful, promising company we've become.

To foster this culture, SSB:

We invest in our people and encourage innovation and independence. SSBers love to work on a team, surpass goals they set for themselves, learn things they never dreamed they'd have the opportunity to do, and grow in ways that are envied by other companies. While we enjoy the opportunity to achieve these things on our own, we also know that sometimes another perspective or different experiences can be useful. At these times we call on each other for help and answer the call when needed.

Each employee enjoys their own personal workspace that is never far from a window. Rather than bleak or subdued office tones, SSB has opted for oriental carpets and color in our workplace. Our location combines the perfect balance of green suburbia and proximity to wonderful restaurants, shops, banks, post offices, the DMV and all those things that we all need to carry on with the business of life during the work week.

SSB encourages employees to do their jobs well and understands that we must enjoy what we do and where we do it to make this happen. We achieve this culture through a clear company message encouraging quality, curiosity, innovation, loyalty, and fun.